Monday, January 18, 2016

Does anyone ever really shop for an apartment in January?

Well, yes, as a matter of fact, they do. They may not actually buy in January.  But they do begin to look.

There’s something about the winter holidays that makes people want to change their lives. They decide to get married. They decide to get
January.  A color picture.
divorced. They decide to have another child. They decide to move someplace where it doesn't snow.  

All of these decisions involve real estate.

So if you're planning to sell, January is in fact a good time to hire a broker and put your property on the market.

Those buyers who are out there looking are really serious, or they wouldn’t be braving the winter winds.  And while your apartment may not look as appealing in winter, neither does anybody else’s. 

In fact, if you have a fireplace, it will look a lot better in the winter when there’s a fire in it than in the summer when there isn’t and it’s an empty black hole in the wall. 

Also, potential buyers are in town, not off vacationing with their children, who are in school.  Many are beginning to look with an eye to actually moving in the summertime, when school is out.

You may have less competition, as the conventional wisdom is that spring
is a better time to sell, so a lot of sellers wait till spring.  This also means that your broker is not quite as busy and will have more time to devote to your property.

There are a few disadvantagesbut these are easily dealt with.  For example, second only to location, light is the most important attribute a property can have. So if you're on the market in January, your broker should try to schedule showings towards the middle of a bright day.

Also, you should make sure your home is warm and friendly, because buyers may be cold and cranky. A fire in the fireplace can warm cold feet, and the smell of baking cookies can do the same for a cold heart.  

Speaking of feet, don’t forget to tell your broker to ask buyers to take their boots off so you don’t have slush all over your floors.  Put a chair by the front door so they can do it comfortably.

The best part is, you will have the benefit of a longer selling season.  If despite all your broker’s research and expertise your price turns out to be too ambitious, you can drop it and still have plenty of time to sell before things slow down after Memorial Day.

Call me at 917-991-9549, or e-mail I’ll be happy to visit your apartment, loft, or townhouse and give you a detailed broker’s opinion of what it could fetch today, supported with figures and comparable sales. Of course, there’s no cost or obligation involved.

Even if you plan to stay in your home till the next millenium, it’s always good to know what it’s worth.

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