Tuesday, August 2, 2016

All mimsy were the borogoves, and the white zone is for loading and unloading only.

“AS of August 8th we will have to start separating our garbage. THE BIN UNDER YOUR DESK will no longer have a plastic liner in it. It will be for PAPER PRODUCTS/CARDBOARD ONLY. The BLUE bins will be for METAL/CANS/FOIL/GLASS/RIGID PLASTIC.  The tall BLACK bins (not in the office yet, coming this week) and the SILVER BIN IN THE KITCHEN will be for all else (food, foam products, plastic bags, chip bags, etc.).  --Office Manager”

This is the most recent in an ongoing series of notices from our much beloved office manager, who is after all Just Doing Her Job.  As I understand it, here’s the way things are at present:

Paper products and cardboard go under my desk where there is no longer a plastic bag.  The blue bins are for metal/cans/foil/glass and rigid plastic and it’s Claudia who does graphic design except when it’s Christopher. Black bins that aren’t there are for food, foam products, plastic bags and chip bags when we're not in the kitchen where that stuff goes in the silver bin and Theresa makes the coffee but Brian does advertising and you can’t pour anything into the water machine and it’s two ladies who used to be Anna and Anna but are now something else who do public relations and Carly is now also somebody else and no shorts in the office and Charo puts the listings in the blue bin and the Xerox machine is not to be used for metal/cans/foil, which are entered in the computer by Bert and we are not open Saturdays in the month of August when new listings go in the dishwasher or maybe the black bin that isn’t there and aspirin goes in the medicine cabinet and I have to go get some RIGHT NOW.