Tuesday, July 5, 2011

You can't make this stuff up.

The following is the VERBATIM (except for names and the address) transcript of an e-mail conversation I had recently with another broker.  I swear this is the actual e-mail exchange. 

OTHER BROKER: May I please show Apt. 10J at 650 East 94th Street tomorrow at 1:20pm to my customer Wilkie.  I left mess for Siim [ed. note: my then partner] as well. Thanks, Claudia J. Wickersham

ME:  Hi, Claudia--the status of that apartment is not entirely clear at the moment.  Will get back to you if it can be shown.

CLAUDIA:  Your associate Bailey just told me to call you to show it.(she told me about the interest / bidding)  Please try to fit us in. He is a very serious buyer who is a cash buyer,lives in the neighborhood and has already lost something else. Please advise asap.  Thanks, Claudia

ME:  Claudia--I'm sorry but I don't know who Bailey is, and what you describe is definitely not the situation at 650 East 94th Street, 10J  I think you have the wrong broker!

CLAUDIA:  I'm so sorry! Someone was talking when I sent that last email and I confused you with someone else! You work with Siim. I emailed you both. Any chance for tomorrow? Mr. Wilkie is a very good buyer. I'll wait to hear.  Thanks, Claudia

ME:  Claudia--I repeat, YOU HAVE THE WRONG APARTMENT.  I'm really sorry, but we are not showing 10J.  To anyone!  Who is Bailey?

CLAUDIA:  Should have been Listing # 6785940

ME:  Sorry, but I don't know what listing that is.  But it's okay.  I don't need to know.

CLAUDIA:  Do you have a two bedroom at 650 East 94th Street,  w/ Listing # 6785940 that I can show tomorrow at 1pm to my buyer?

ME:  Claudia--I have told you several times, NO. I don't mean to be rude, but I can't make it any plainer. NO. Yes, we do have a two bedroom at 650 East 94th Street.  It is 10J.  As I said in the very first e-mail I sent you, its status is unclear and it is not being shown.

CLAUDIA:  Thank you

ME:  You're welcome. 

Then I took four aspirin.

©copyright Confidence Stimpson 2011

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