Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Does your apartment have an entry moment?

Sadly, my new apartment does not have an entry moment. Or at least I don't think it does.

I never knew there was such a thing until yesterday, when I went to visit the showroom of a dazzling new development on Park Place. 

The building has gorgeous views, a 50-foot pool, a yoga center, a residents’ lounge with a pool table, trillion-dollar kitchens, and entry moments. The broker pointed out the entry moments in several of the apartments.

Now, this broker happens not only to be very good at her job, but also a very nice person. I like her. I have liked her for more than twenty years. So I was too embarrassed to admit I hadn’t paid close attention to her description of what an entry moment is. 

That's why I'm not sure whether my apartment has one or not.

But I kind of think it doesn't. The apartments that I saw that have them cost more than ten million dollars. Mine cost considerably less than that. 

I can do without the 50-foot pool (can’t swim), the yoga center (can’t bend), the pool table (don’t know how), and the trillion-dollar kitchen (can’t cook) but I would really love to have an entry moment. Whatever it is. I just like the sound of it.  

From what I could glean, it's either when you open the door and immediately drop dead from the view, or it's what we in the business have been calling a foyer (I'm not sure my apartment has one of those, exactly, either) only bigger.

I will figure this out one way or another and let you know. As Rachel says, watch this space.

UPDATE, 8/16/17:  Turns out an entry moment is when, the minute you open the door, you are met with an absolutely stunning view. So you are compelled to pause at the entry for a moment, to take it all in.

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