Saturday, January 7, 2012

More about Park Slope: The architect C. P. H. Gilbert’s wild years, as reported in the New York Times

Christopher Gray’s exuberant description of the Gilbert houses in tomorrow’s Times makes one wonder what happens in Park Slope after midnight when the moon is full. 
One has visions of the houses, loosed from their brownstone moorings, perhaps picking fights, perhaps dancing in the street.

 NY Times photo
A sample:  ”Gilbert’s...Brooklyn work tends towards a rugby scrum; the houses tangle and tussle with one another like cats and dogs in a burlap bag.”
Charles Pierrepont Henry Gilbert was a colorful character.   As per the article, “he could shoot from the back of a galloping horse [Gray doesn’t tell us if he ever managed to hit anything] and design a mean neo-gothic mansion.”  He designed a number of them in Brooklyn, and some interesting examples are described.

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