Wednesday, June 15, 2011

One Madison Park update: Poor Ella Cinders has morphed into Cinderella. And everybody wants to be the prince.

Now that the New York real estate market appears to be on the upswing, several parties are vying to finish a project that could reign over Madison Square Park as the most desirable condo building in the broader area.

Makes sense.  After all, the physical building itself, in a prime location, architecturally interesting and offering incredible views, would be a really lovely place to live.

But it's been entangled--okay, strait-jacketed--in lawsuits and other serious complications for years. 

The situation is still murky.  However, as a broker with interested clients, I am anxiously awaiting a happy ending to this long, sad story.

Josh Barbanel of the Wall Street Journal explains it much better than I could.  Here’s the link to his article on the subject:   
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