Friday, May 13, 2011

Penthouse 2009 at The Plaza: You and I can't live there. It's okay.

Well, you can live there if you have $37,500,000 but if you've got that kind of money you're not reading this.

I just came from a cocktail party* given there for brokers.  And yes, it's a nice place. 


You share the hall outside with several other apartments.

There's no entry foyer.  You walk right into the living room.

The only terrace is not off the living room, it's off the master bedroom.  At 229 square feet it's not very big, and it's not very private either.  On the other side of the fence at one end there's somebody else's terrace.

The 6,319 square feet are spread out over three and a half levels.  There is a private interior elevator, but still, that's a lot of up and down.

On the plus side, there are huge windows that give you fantastic views of that other park (the big sloppy one just above 59th Street that doesn't have a Shake Shack), and everything north up to about Montreal. 

But that's the same view you get from any north facing apartment on a reasonably high floor (the Plaza penthouse is on the 20th) on Central Park South.

I wasn't crazy about the wall paper, either.

Oh, well.  Back to my little aerie on the 36th floor of the Stanford--sixteen floors higher than that penthouse.  And I can see Chicago.

*Lovely Prosecco and wonderful hors d'oeuvres--salmon and sour cream and caviar on blinis, little tiny devilled eggs (plovers'?), salmon salad on toast rounds, and more.  And they were all big enough (except maybe the plovers' eggs) to be visible without a microscope.  Stribling knows how to throw a party.

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